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Adult Spiritual Renewal & Empowerment, Inc., a not-for-profit organization,  is established for the purpose of providing opportunities for the on-going formation of adults within the context of spirituality, faith-in-life, updating in theology, scripture, "Jesus-ology", ecclesiology, meaning-making, visioning, and other related areas.  Emphasis is on the encouragement of an adult, mature approach to concerns of life, faith and religion.  Questions are encouraged and dialogue is fostered in an atmosphere of mutual respect and warm hospitality.  It is our belief that such a climate better fosters the development of an adult conscience.  We exist to serve searching persons from a variety of backgrounds.

Currently, a primary instrument of the above is the Institute for Adult Spiritual Renewal, an extended program held each summer (see note below).  This program brings together a faculty from across the globe - all experts in their various fields.   Currently the Institute is being held on the campus of Loyola University Chicago, Lakeshore site (on the north side of Chicago).

In addition to the Institute, Emmaus, a center located in South Bend, Indiana, has been created to offer other programs, workshops, adult conversation and study groups, and private and group retreats. It is an ideal setting for parish and/or school staff retreats, days of renewal. Our staff is available to facilitate such experiences if you so desire. Individual spiritual accompaniment and supervision for those involved in the ministry of spiritual accompaniment is available.

Adult Spiritual Renewal & Empowerment, Inc. will also function, mainly through its website, to promote and foster other centers and programs sharing a similar vision and mission.


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