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The Institute for Adult Spiritual Renewal which has for years been an extended program held during the summers will now move to a new format.  We will offer individual “sessions” often here at Emmaus in South Bend, Indiana.  In most instances these will be day long offerings, though  in some cases will cover a span of several days. The intention is to offer an extended weekend in the summer of 2016 here in the South Bend, Notre Dame, Indiana area.
We will continue to offer opportunities to consider deeply where and how Spirit and Soul are luring us to live more expansively and responsibly out of our own authentic adult selves in ways that respect and honor the sacredness of all life.


MAY 2, 2015
9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Being Sacramental People: Embracing the Sacredness of Life. .

Creation as such and human life in particular is a sacred event: the expression of the Divine in the here and now.  What if nothing needs to be added to this, but everything simply needs to be honored as such and celebrated?  What if sacraments are meant to do that – meant to be the expression and celebration of the holiness that is not so much God’s “in-breaking” into our lives, as it is the “out-breaking” of the Divine: God’s ever present bubbling forth and overflowing?  What if we were asked simply to acknowledge this, and live it?  We say that:  “sacraments were instituted by Christ to give grace.”  But what if grace does not need to be “given,” but is in fact already with us -- everywhere?  Life is holy, and our acceptance of this and bearing witness to it is sacrament.  We are called to be sacramental people, conscious symbols of God’s pervading presence. What would help us be that? What might prevent us from being that? During our time together we will explore the above observations and questions more deeply for our own growth and spiritual transformation.

Suggested Offering: $75.
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Claiming the Power of Your Storied Life
JUNE 20, 2015
9 - 5

The stories of women throughout history have touched us, challenged us and delighted us. They have taught us about love, fidelity, betrayal, forgiveness, creativity and healing.

In this gathering of women we will create space and time to share our own stories and release their power to carry us forward on our own journeys.

Come join us as we explore the ways our own stories help us to take a fresh look at what it means to be a woman today  -  and a woman in relationship to the living God.

Esther Kennedy, O.P. is an Adrian Dominican Sister.  She has recently returned to Adrian, Michigan after serving for 12 years as the Director of Spirit Mountain Retreat Center in Idylwilde, California.  Esther currently serves as a spiritual director - - walking with others as they engage their own  experience of the Holy Mystery.

Mary Sweet Rooney, among other ministries, served as a hospital chaplain for 12 years.  She has recently rekindled her love of facilitating retreats and days of reflection.  Mary also is gifted in creating rituals for women in transition.

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You are welcome to make use of Emmaus if you are a not-for-profit organization wanting to use the facility for a workshop, day of reflection, in-service and/or spiritual retreat.

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