How is your faith practiced in the public sphere?
What are the causes that motivate you to respond?

How do you find strength and courage to live and speak your convictions?

​How would you describe the "spirituality" that grounds you?


Christ Actually, the Son of God for the Secular Age by James Carroll

A quote from the book: "Humanity is the presence of God.  The presence of God, therefore, lies in what is ordinary.  Not in supernatural marvels.  Not in a superman with whom we have nothing actual in common.  Not in saints.  Not in a once-only age of miracles long ago.  Not first in doctrine, scholarship or theology - - but in life  Doctrine, scholarship, and theology are essential as modes of opening up that life and its meanings, and there is no separating the life of Jesus from interpretations of it.  The interpretations must always be examined, and criticized.  And we endlessly conjure interpretations of our own, as here in this book."

Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Freidman

Incarnation, A New Evolutionary Threshold by Diarmuid O'Murchu, MSC

A taste of the book used with permission of Diarmuid O'Murchu:

​The Christian concept of Incarnation has changed dramatically since the mid 20th century.  Long associated with the coming of Jesus to rescue and redeem humanity, Incarnation described the unique way in which the historical Jesus was born, grew up, ministered publicly, was crucified, and rose from the dead.  And no other religious leader achieved that outcome as perfectly as Jesus, who therefore has been declared as the Saviour not just of Christians but of all humans.

​In the inherited paradigm, only humans matter.  The focus is exclusively anthropocentric.  Throughout the latter half of the 20th century this anthropocentric focus became problematic.  why humans only, and why only the soul of the human?  Attention shifted to the whole person, and not merely the ensouled dimension.  and since humans have to negotiate their journeys of faith as embodied beings, perhaps we need to give closer attention to our embodied selves.  Thus Incarnation became equated with embodiment, and not merely a preoccupation of the soul within the body..

Stars at Night, When Darkness Unfolds as Light by Paula D'Arcy

At Play in the Lions' Den, A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan, by Jim Forest.

A quote included in the above from Dan's own book, No Bars to Manhood and seeming very pertinent for our present time:

   ​In the name of the Gospel, I condemn today the speech of power politics, the speech of military murder, the language of religious mystification, all language that indicates the death of the mind, the studied obscenity, the speech that pretends to human dignity and truth while in fact it brings down the world.  And I recommend in the name of the Gospel, modesty and loyalty, the springs in the desert; all the hidden efforts of men to live with human difference, to bear with crisis, bind up wounds, to be patient and long-suffering.

​​Adult Spiritual Renewal & Empowerment

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