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St Mary's Retreat House

St Mary's Retreat House
775 W Drahner Road
Oxford MI 48371-4866
Phone: 248-628-3894
Fax: 248-628-1725

Hosting women’s weekend retreats from September through May and special work shops and conference days throughout the year, St. Mary’s accommodates up to 60 women who wish to step aside from their ordinary daily routines to spend quality time in prayer, reflection and relaxation.

Located on the motherhouse grounds of the Dominican Sisters of Oxford, St. Mary’s offers a place of peace and quiet surrounded by the natural beauty of trees, flowers and grassy fields. Discover 40 acres of outdoor shrines, stations of the cross and quiet resting places as well as walking paths.

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Contact us at:
Phone: (574) 855-3125
18947 Burke Road
South Bend, IN 46637