From Seagrove Beach, January 5, 2019

Part of the challenge in writing, for me, is the difficulty finding words that describe the fullness of any experience.  Like this morning - - getting up in the predawn darkness, choosing to keep vigil awaiting the coming of first light.  I can tell you what I saw, the initial "dull glow" of the flag pole, then gradually white caps coming into sight, cloud formations in various shades of gray becoming visible, then the moving water, the waves, the eventual sight of the distant horizon, the appearance of a fairly large bird (pelican)in the sky, the changing colors as light grows.  What is not so easy to express is what the experience of witnessing all of this is like.  The realization that such happenings are a daily occurrence, are profoundly beautiful, touch "places" in me that no words adequately express even as I am moved almost to tears at beholding what, because of its dailiness, could seem ordinary but in these moments have a quality of sacredness about them, this light becoming!  Even as I write the scene shifts and the sun shows up reflecting in pink hues off the clouds.  As that happens the water looks darker, don't know what name to give the color as it is changing subtly, becoming more uneven.   Why would I ever want to miss this unfoldidng of a new day?  And, as I wonder, I suspect the tears come from the awareness of having missed so many, the real grief in that, those missd opportunities.  The breaking in of light announcing a new day, truly seems like "sacrament if ever there is one.  How can it be?  - - That such a daily event can be so breathtakingly lovely, so magnetic in its attraction that I resist looking away?

    Why is it so gratifying to see that lone beach walker bundled up against the early morning chill, strolling at the waters edge?  And, now,, three more!  I have a sense of walking  with them, these witnesses, for me in this moment, f what really matters!  Lots more to ponder!

​   How did your day begin and what are you pondering?


January 12, 2019, Seagrove Beach
​     A little change in the rhythm of the day - - got up, dressed, and out to get donuts, came home, ate one wth coffee in front of lighted candle, sea shells and Emmas' Santa Claus, Paula's little trinket, all on Mary's place mat now become "altar cloth."  An overcast morning after several days of sunshine.  More movement in the water, foamy whitecaps splashing onto shore - - a lone fisherman, a neighbor I think, standing guard near his poles which are secured into the sand.  The yellow flag, one minute, hanging limply, the next being blown away from the pole toward the west.

     Those are the observable "facts" before me.   That I have time and space to observe them is no small thing.  Of these facts, though, what is drawing me this morning?  Consistently, and much to my surprise, the flag and pole speak to me.  This day, however, my attention wants to stay with the lone man, the fisherman, looking small next to the immensity of the huge expanse of moving water.  Find myself wondering, what are his thoughts, his feelings, as he sits there waiting for one of the poles to be pulled possibly by a hungry fish.

   As I wonder about his inner world, I notice how meaningful it is for me to witness his presence out there.  I'm sensing it's more than fish he's after and, if that is so, as I suspect, I'm given a big dose of, what?, comfort?, possibility?, renewed trust in the human endeavor?  Some of all of that?  I think so!  This image of apparent "smallness" yet clearly, for me, of great significance.  His solitary, still, presence out there is an inspiration, a reminder of what I read from Parker about the necessity of "pauses".  Even as the waves are growing larger so is my gratitude for this part time fisher who, in his wisdom (what else can it be?) has the good sense to "waste time" for something so important as sitting still and lingering at the waters' edge.  And, if an excluse is needed for such important work, fishing is as good excuse as any!
    I think of all the books I've read, classes I've taken and taught, of the numerous speeches, sermons I've listened to.  What I know in this moment, that none of them have been more significant than this man communicating in such a quietly powerful way without the distraction that words can sometimes be!  My gratitude, like the ocean, is immense!
    What is calling for your attention today?

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