​​​​June 17, 2019

Today’s Morning Reflection


This morning as I spent some early morning reflection and writing time, first cup of coffee in hand, I was drawn into the awareness, as I have often been before, that what I was sipping and tasting was more than coffee, so much more!

As the faces of friends flowed into my mind, I  found myself also mindful of the capacity of each of us to re-member and bless.  In that moment I knew that this cup, held in both hands as it was raised and lifted toward my lips, was indeed a blessing cup.

After lingering in that realization for awhile I was moved to write a series of blessings that were also a part of my own being blessed in that lingering space.

May what follows serve as invitation for you to know what blessings are waiting to be received and shared by you.

May you know the blessing of the red bird stopping for a visit to the garden.

May you know the simple joy of quiet presence.

May you experience the wonder of creation unfolding before you.

May you be touched and awakened by the gentle and powerful presence of spirit in and around you.

May you be moved to laughter at the play of squirrels.

May you feel a sense of loss as the last peonies (or roses or lilies) begin to fade as well as gratitude for              the beauty they brought into your life.

May you experience an inner quickening at the sight of a newborn fawn.

May you hear the laments of the wounded earth and her children.

May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to respond to what is real and true.

May we come to know our own goodness ever more deeply and live from that space more fully.

May we stand in awe at the always and everywhere manifestations of the holy.


May we, together,  find a path toward peace and fullness of life for all. 

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